The UK Private Limited Company is the most widely chosen corporate form for foreign investors in the UK. It is the ideal choice for someone who wants limited liability from his company but also credibility with London’s international profile.

Private Limited Company (by shares)

Private Limeted Company (by shares) are the most frequently-used type of company in the UK.You can enjoy one of the most favorable tax systems in the World, with an effective corporation tax rate of 19% and no withholding taxes on dividends.The main reason for this particular type of company set up, is the limited liability of the shareholders.
The whole process of establishment is provided remotely from your country of residence. You do not have to visit the United Kingdom.


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The Choice of United Kingdom is a Choice of Stability Outside European Union

The UK by exiting the EU, will be in a position to better place it self for a quick reaction to any global events and market shifts. This can be a big benefit for a business operating in the UK despite the fears of the Brexit.

Ultra Low Taxes

Corporate Tax

19 %

Dividend Tax

0 %

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