International Banking

Callamus is here to fulfil all your personal banking as well as your corporate banking needs. We offer introductions to reputable Banking Institutions in the European Union (EU) as well as outside EU. Collaborating with reputable international private banks, Callamus will assist you to tailor  banking products to your specific needs.
Please note that all bank account opening services are offered remotely from your home country, making opening an international bank account easy and at low cost. You never have to travel to any of these juristictions! The Callamus bank account opening service will even deliver straight to your doorstep  your debit card as well as the online banking pins.

The jurisdictions where we offer corporate & personal bank accounts include:

Cyprus (EU) (Minimum deposit for Cypriot bank account is 500 Euro)

America (Minimum deposit is 100 $)

Germany (EU) (Minimum deposit  is 100 Euro)

Serbia (Minimum deposit  is 100 Euro)

Switzerland (Minimum deposit is 50,000 Euro)

Principality of Andorra (Minimum deposit is 200,000 Euro)

Northern Macedonia (Minimum deposit is 50 Euro)

England (Minimum deposit is 100 Euro)

Lichtenstein (Minimum deposit is 500.000 Euro)

Bulgaria (EU) (Minimum deposit  is 100 Euro)


The Callamus fee for all bank account openings, regardless of jurisdiction* is 1000 Euro for personal bank as well for corporate bank accounts (courier charges are not included)

- For Cyprus bank account opening there is an additional charge of 300 Euro

- For Serbia bank account opening there is an additional charge of 350 Euro.

- For Northern Macedonia bank account opening there is an additional charge of 100 Euro

We Guarantee 100% bank account opening

Confidentiality of your personal data is guaranteed!



ATTENTION: Callamus is not a bank and neither solicits and does not accepts deposits