Incorporate in United Kingdom

Reliable EU incorporation!

The English limited liability company (LLC) is a corporate structure that allows participants to do business not only in the UK but also with other countries of the European Union and outside EU zone and therefore is an ideal option for someone who wants an international profile company.

The English LLC is founded by at least one or more natural or legal persons of any nationality or country of jurisdiction respectively.

The British tax law in this particular type of company provides a variety of favorable tax provisions, which makes its incorporation quite attractive.

Jurisdiction Advantages

  • The company has its own legal personality and owners/managers are liable only up to the value of what they have invested in the company.
  • Incorporation in one day.
  • The paid share capital required for the formation of this type of company is the amount of 1£ (GBP).
  • The English LLC is ideal for those who want to develop activities related to shipping, e-commerce and various types of services.

Corporate Tax Rate

According to British Tax Legislation English LLC is taxed only on its profits and not to the distribution of profits to its shareholders. Dividends received by the shareholders will be taxed in their country of tax residence.

Incorporation Fees

The cost of incorporating an English LLC + Bank Account Opening in United Kingdom is  690 £.


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