Fiduciary Services

The devolved ownership, flexible construction and confidentiality benefits of trusts and foundations makes them an ideal solution for a range of complex personal and corporate situations.
Our services cover the formation of trusts and foundations for all our private and corporate clients. Callamus’s expertise guarantees that aspirations are realised and benefits maximised for all our clients.

Callamus’s approach also ensures that the correct form of trust and foundation is established and held in the appropriate juristiction with the access required for the everyday business and family needs.

We take the time to understand each client’s personal requirements and offer a full range of trust and foundation formation and management options.

Trusts and foundations offer many solutions for personal and corporate efficiency, such as:

• Asset Protection
• Tax Planning and Migration
• Succession Planning
• Creditor Protection
• Political Risk Management
• Confidentiality
• Emergency Contingency Planning
• Family Provision

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