Yacht Registration

When registering your yacht, the choice of flag (jurisdiction) is a crucial decision any owner must make prior to taking delivery of a new/used yacht. Such a decision will have a bearing on the corporate structures used for holding the yacht and will have tax implications, hence it is important that expert advise is sought on this matter.

With the principles of tax planning at the helm, Callamus assists owners and managers in the task of choosing the most suitable flag, principally having regard to the particular circumstances of the client and bearing in mind the various options nowadays available on the international market.

The major factors for selecting a suitable flag are:

> Jurisdiction reputation;

> Tax implications;

> Nationality of the owner

> Area of operation of the yacht

> Registration costs and annual fees

> Competence and efficiency of flag officials

We pride ourselves in having an open mind and knowledge of the wide spectrum of opportunities available, and have the ability to assist in registrations in the following jurisdictions:

Greece – NEPA (Maritime Company for Recreational Yacht – 0% Taxation)

United Kingdom – LLC (Limited Libility Company)

Malta – LTD (Limited Company)

Cyprus – LTD (Limited Company)

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Aircraft Registration

Callamus covers your aircraft registration needs in the low tax jurisdiction of  Bulgaria.The Callamus aviation specialist, in co-operation with our local aviation partners in the above juristictions, will take care all the  registration needs of your new/used aircraft as well as its annual administration.

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